Women’s Community Clinic moved to 1735 Mission!

The Women’s Community Clinic is moving!

We’re building an alliance with Lyon-Martin Health Services: we’ll be bringing our resources together to provide a full scope of high-quality, client-centered health services for cisgender women and transgender people from a shared location at 1735 Mission Street in San Francisco. The last day of services at our Fillmore Street site was May 4, and we reopened at the new location on May 8. The Women’s Community Clinic is keeping its name, and our programs and services will continue.

In a healthcare sector that makes it increasingly difficult for small clinics to survive, Lyon-Martin and the Women’s Community Clinic will be stronger together than we could possibly be apart. But this move is about more than just our financial sustainability: we see this as an opportunity to strengthen our mission and deepen our impact. We’re excited to bring our decades of experience in reproductive health, workforce development, and outreach to benefit the new alliance and all of its clients!

Lyon-Martin shares our commitment to nonjudgmental, client-centered services. Together, we’ll create a real sense of sanctuary for clients who often don’t feel seen, or even safe, at clinics that serve a general population: our alliance will be a safe haven where cisgender women and transgender people feel welcome, heard, and supported as they make the health decisions that are right for them.

Our new location lies at the intersection of the city’s main thoroughfares, and brings us closer to many of the communities we serve. Our Outreach clients, who face homelessness in the Mission district, will now find our full scope of high-quality health services right on their doorstep.

This move does take us further away from the Western Addition neighborhood where we have spent many years developing relationships, partnerships, and programs. But we’re excited to continue to grow these programs from our new location, utilizing the vast collection of resources available through the HealthRIGHT 360 network.

What’s made the Women’s Community Clinic so successful through the years is our ability to adapt. As our clients’ needs have changed, so have our programs and services. The time has now come for another change – a change we are confident will help us better serve our clients and deepen our impact.

For the most up-to-date information about the upcoming move, please check back here periodically, or take a look at our FAQ. You are also welcome to give us a call at (415) 379-7800.