Workshops And Trainings

Each year, WAHT hosts workshops and community events for approximately 500 women, girls and community members from the Western Addition and San Francisco.

The WAHT program provides sex positive, comprehensive and inclusive community-based outreach and health education to groups of diverse ages. We focus on providing education that is based on the harm reduction model. We participate in community events and host workshops in different settings, including schools, housing complexes, and community-based organizations. We also have the capacity to host smaller workshops at the Women’s Community Clinic.

WAHT has provided countless community based workshops since 2007. We provide standalone and/or multi-session workshops. Our preference is for multi-session workshops because we have found them to help establish trust and more impactful discussions around potentially sensitive topics.

Booking Workshops

  • Please note that our workshop/community events slots are typically booked 3-6 months in advance. We apologize that we’re unable to book last-minute requests at this time.
  • We prioritize working with Western Addition/Fillmore and San Francisco-based organizations.
  • We provide workshops for a minimum of 10 participants. We are unable to accommodate groups of less than 10 participants at this time.
  • For larger groups – 25 participants or more – please email us directly to assure we can accommodate your group.
  • Workshop sites must provide parking arrangements and/or parking reimbursement for all workshops.

If you are interested in having WAHT conduct a workshop or community event for your group, please fill out the following form: WAHT Community Outreach Form.

Find out more details about booking WAHT for a workshop or community event by contacting Rafeal Newport, Community Programs Coordinator, or 415.820.7333.