Outreach Program

In 2015, The City of San Francisco counted more than 7,500 homeless individuals on a given night, and at least 33% of them were women.  We are committed to helping those women achieve health and well-being.

Why does the Clinic Outreach Program go where it goes?

  • Because we know “health” includes things like food, warmth, and safety

  • Because we believe meeting women where they are in life is a crucial part of providing care

  • Because we believe in harm reduction education

Our Outreach Program meets women where they are, literally– on the streets and in single room occupancy hotels, in jail and at Ladies’ Night— to provide services using a client-centered harm reduction approach.

Our services include:

  • Distribution of prevention materials such as condoms, hygiene kits and safer drug use kits

  • Provision of health education and risk reduction information

  • Referrals to appropriate health and social services

The Clinic Outreach Program currently has two projects: Ladies’ Night and Condom Ladies Street Outreach.


Are you a current Health Worker volunteer and interested in helping with our Outreach Program? Download the Outreach Volunteer Application and submit it to support@womenscommunityclinic.org.