Insurance Enrollment

We can help you sign up for health insurance! Call us at 415-379-7800 to make an enrollment appointment.

How to Enroll:

You can sign up for health insurance a few different ways. Here are two of the most common:

  1. Make an appointment with our Certified Enrollment Counselors.  Our Counselors will guide you through every step for your whole family, even those that don’t get services here at Women’s Community Clinic. The Enrollment Counselor will help find an insurance option that fits within your budget and provides the coverage you need. Call us at (415) 379-7800 to make an enrollment appointment.
  2. Sign up through the Covered California website. If you get stuck in the process, call us for assistance.

When can I sign up for health insurance?

  • Open Enrollment for 2018 is November 1st – December 15, 2017.
    • Outside of enrollment: You can still sign up if you’ve experienced a qualifying life event. But act soon! The change typically needs to be made within the first 60 days.
  • If you qualify for Medi-Cal you can enroll anytime. Click here to learn if you qualify for Medi-Cal, or call us to speak with one of our Enrollment Counselors.

Why should I sign up?

It’s great to have health insurance – with the new health care law, there are many new benefits specifically for women. Besides covering most or all of the cost for preventive care, emergency care, and other health services, under the health care law, all private insurance plans must cover the following services for FREE, without co-pays:

  • Birth control and contraception counseling
  • STD and HIV screening and counseling
  • Breast cancer screenings
  • Pelvic and cervical cancer screenings (such as a Pap Smear)
  • Domestic violence screenings
  • Gestational diabetes screening + breast feeding support

Other changes are:

  • People can now visit their OB/GYN without having to first see a primary care doctor to get a referral
  • Health insurance companies can no longer charge women more than men for insurance coverage
  • Health insurance companies can no longer deny you coverage if you have a pre-existing condition (like asthma or diabetes)
  • Being a domestic violence survivor can no longer be considered a pre-existing condition
  • Children can stay on their parent’s private health insurance plan until their 26th birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am enrolled in Healthy San Francisco. Can I still sign up for insurance?

Yes. While Healthy San Francisco (HSF) is available for San Francisco residents with incomes at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, it is important to remember that HSF is not insurance. In fact, if a HSF participant can enroll in Medi-Cal or receive discounts on insurance through Covered California, they will no longer be eligible for HSF at the point of their renewal date.

What will happen if I don’t want insurance, or am ineligible?

Health insurance is mandatory under the new law. If you do not enroll in insurance you will be charged a penalty fee when you file taxes at the end of the year. These penalty fees will increase each year.

There are some people who qualify for exemption, including undocumented immigrants, those with religious objections, those whose family income is below the threshold for filing taxes, and people who would have to pay more than 8% of their income to obtain health insurance. If you are ineligible for any of these reasons, California’s Family Pact program will cover your reproductive health care services, and you can continue to come to Women’s Community Clinic.