The Women’s Community Clinic Advocacy Program was created to help the Clinic effectively engage in public policy and advance the mission and goals of the organization. We recognize that local, state and federal policy decisions impact our ability to provide needed services and that we are uniquely positioned to engage our volunteers, staff, donors and clients to influence public policy by developing their own skills as advocates and effectively voicing their needs to policymakers.

Our Advocacy Program strives to monitor what is happening in City Hall, Sacramento, and Washington, DC. We work to support legislation and policies that are good for the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls and fight those that are not. Perhaps just as importantly, we then circle back to the Clinic and offer staff, volunteers, and clients an opportunity to advocate on behalf of their own best healthcare. This can take the form of participation in Lobby Days, making phone calls, signing petitions and postcards, or writing letters and email.  Since 2009, the Clinic has participated in Reproductive Freedom Week.

The Clinic works in partnership with many other agencies. For a complete list of our collaborations, please visit our Partners page.

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