D’Anne Quinton Tribute Fund

March 15, 2015

D’Anne Quinton was 56 when she was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and passed away at a time of her choosing two years later, dignified and elegant as always.

When D’Anne wasn’t riding her beloved Andalusian horse, Tanguero, painting, or renovating Victorians, she was traveling the world and enjoying the company of family and friends with her husband of 34 years, Jerry Spolter.

D’Anne was passionate about women’s healthcare and reproductive rights and an ardent supporter of the Clinic. She would be honored to know that her name and character will grace the Clinic’s Reception Room to greet those underserved women in our community whose healthcare needs would otherwise go unmet.

On February 25, 2015, Women’s Community Clinic hosted a private Naming Ceremony to unveil the D’Anne Quinton Reception Room and to honor the many generous contributors who made this gift possible.



Honoring a Legacy

Thanks to your generosity, we reached our $250,000 goal! You can read more about the D’Anne Quinton Reception Room dedication here. Donations in D’Anne’s honor are always gladly accepted; click the button below to donate online or call 415.820.7307 for more ways to give.
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Thank you to the many generous donors who have made gifts in honor of D’Anne: 

Virginia Agostini
Kurt and Elaine Altvater
Bob and Anne Arns
Richard and Judie Audley
Elsie and Dennis Bauer
Paula and Carl Baum
Craig and Cheryl Beckheyer
Tracey and Evan Bennett
Louise and Steve BenVenue
Bobbeye Bowes
Louis and Keri Briones
Christopher and Stephanie Byers
Ronda Calef
Sally Calef
Theresa Canepa
Lyle Cavin
Alfred and Carol Chiantelli
Steve and Laurel Coleman
Nancy and James Cronin
Dana Curtis
Denise de Ville
Anne Devero and David Rosenfeld
Marti Diehl
Chris and Julie Dolan
Gene Elliot
Theo and Carrie Emison
Cheri and Robert Etheredge
John and Susan Feder
Gene, Danny, and Nate Flynn
Susan Frank
Kenneth and Holly Gack
Jane and Gregory Gamp
Judy Giampaoli
Amory and Garrett Graham
Molly Graham and Tim O’Hearn
Wilma Gray
Jock and Molly Hooper
Tom Huening and Carol Perusse
John Hullverson
Thomas Hullverson
Dave Hultman
Susan Illston and James Larson
Charles and Ellen James
JAMS Associates
Sandy and Gary Johnson
Megan Jones and Steven Rosenbaum
Deana Kardel
Tiffany, Caroline and Paige Knef
Melissa and Jeff Kositzin
Dave Koz
Maja Kristin
Madalyn, Robin and Megan Lamson
Larry and Chris LaRocco
Margaret Law
Vikki and Larry Lawrence
Victor Lee, DDS
Michael and Barbara Loeb
Chris and Kathryn L’Orange
Camille Lydston
Jeanne and Tom Mannion
Lorna Padia Markus
Dan and Lenora Marsh
Elaine and Dan McCarthy
Tara and Clement McCarthy
Brian and Ligia McDonald
Jack and Peggi McGlynn
Cynthia and John McGuinn
Kathy McNamara and Dick Keenan
Penny and Michael Miller
Susan Mitchell
Jeff and Shay Morris
Jeanie Morris-Oldham and Kenan Oldham
Steve and Patty Murphy
Brian O’Brien
Philip O’Rourke
Eric and Stacy Osterhaus
John Peterson
Garry Quinton
Peter M. Radin, Jr. and Kathleen Trafton
Dan Rosenthal
Phyllis Rosenthal
Sue and Ron Rouda
Marianne and Kevin Ryan
Bonnie and Mo Sabraw
Patty Schifferle and Bob Gilliom
Melinda Sesto
Patricia Shea and Tom Skunda
Dan and Lucy Smith
William B. Smith
Barbara and Tucker Spolter
Jerry Spolter
Jim and Judith Stark
Steven Stein and Gabrielle Rilleau
Mike and Sharon Stone
Diana Taylor and Jay Folberg
Timothy Tietjen
Fred, Rosemary, Sam and Nedelle Torrisi
Gigi, Rick and Mar Valdes
David and Lezlie Van Dam
William and Natalya Veen
Chris Viadro
Peter and Sue Vlautin
Fred Walter and Jenny Hammons
Dan and Sui Weinstein
Jay Welsh and Rae Terry
Alisha, Lauren, Megan and Laurel Wessler
Rebecca Westerfield and Ivy Fine
Amelia and Elena Wyman
Larry, Mary, and Nathan Wyman
Cathy Yanni and David Yont
Karla and Albert Yates Reyff
Sarah Yow
Kaz Zemanek and Anthony David