Revolutionizing Client Care Through Technology

December 10, 2014

The ability to Skype with your grandma in New York, tweet directly to the President of the United States, or Google the answer to virtually any question, makes the barriers to communication at your doctor’s office all the more unbearable. You may be waiting on a prescription, worried about a lab result, or need to reschedule an appointment; you might have questions about your body and well-being that only your clinician can answer. But sometimes you don’t have access to a phone or the time to call during the clinic’s business hours, or you always seem to miss your clinician’s calls back.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our brand new patient portal, MyChart, to our clients. On November 4, 2014, the Clinic launched Electronic Health Records (EHR), bringing technological innovation not only to clinic practice but also to patient access and communication. With EHR, everything from labs, to health history, to prescription orders are now processed electronically and made available when possible to our clients online through MyChart. Our clients can now safely and securely view their medical records, email their clinician, and check past appointment details from anywhere with internet access.

MyChart makes it easier for us to communicate with clients like Melina*, who had her first visit with us this summer. Melina was in the middle of moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, and didn’t have a phone. As she shuttled back and forth from her hometown, we struggled to contact her to inform her of her lab results, which also required a follow-up appointment. Finally, after weeks of waiting for her to call us, we made contact and were able to take care of her medical needs. Now, clients like Melina can sign up for MyChart at their first appointment, with full access to all of the services and tools it provides. They’ll be able to login from anywhere and send us a message, request an appointment, or view the results of labs.

MyChart is an exciting addition to our client-centered resources and services. Part of providing client-centered care is to providing the information, resources, and support that each client needs to make her own informed choices about her health and well-being. MyChart and EHR establishes us on the forefront of clinic best practices that improves client experience, makes our clinic more efficient, and is an essential tool to improving the health and well-being of the women and girls we serve.

*Client names have been changed for privacy.