NEW: Electronic Health Records!

October 9, 2014

Here in San Francisco, the technology capital of the world, nearly every industry and facet of daily life has been impacted by innovations in computer science. It’s only fitting that now Women’s Community Clinic join the growing number of health centers who use the latest tech innovations to improve client health. On November 4th, 2014, the Clinic launched our Electronic Health Records system!

Electronic Health Records are a big step forward in reaching the goals of the “triple aim”: improving health outcomes, improving client experience, and reducing per capita medical costs. Once fully implemented, we’ll have more efficient clinic operations, improved follow-up and communication with patients and other medical providers, and more productive client visits.

And the switch doesn’t just impact our health center operations. Thanks to Electronic Health Records, our clients are now able to access all of their medical information online, through a client portal called “MyChart”. MyChart allows clients to email their provider, request appointments, view visit summaries, and even order prescription refills all online.

“Switching over to Electronic Health Records gives our clients tools like MyChart that will keep them even better informed and engaged about their personal health,” says Sarah Siebold, Clinic Director. “Now our clients can simply send over a secure email to their clinician with routine questions, rather than having to make an appointment each time. And we’re really excited about the preventive health possibilities for our clients that this tool offers. They’ll get automatic alerts when it’s time to make a follow-up appointment or refill a prescription.”

Of course, switching over 15 years of paper charts for the more than 4,000 clients we see each year is no easy task. That’s why for the months of October, November and December the Clinic will be booking fewer appointments per day, and extending the time that each client spends with their clinician. As our staff and volunteers adapt to the new system, we’re giving our clients and clinicians a few extra minutes in the exam room together, and asking all clients to arrive 20 minutes early for their appointment. The clinicians will begin entering all visit information into a computer right in the exam room with the client starting November 4th.