We Now Accept Medi-Cal for Primary Care

August 6, 2014

As of August 1st, 2014, the Clinic now accepts San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP) Medi-Cal for Primary Care visits! We are thrilled that as a SFHP Primary Care Provider we can offer services to even more clients. Every day, women tell us they wish they could receive all their health care in the respectful, client-centered environment they’ve come to trust here at the Clinic, and now many can.

This new contract compliments our launch of earlier this year and allows us to meet the health needs of more women in the community. Women with SFHP Medi-Cal can now choose us as their main Primary Care Provider and there is no point of service cost! As a Primary Care Provider, we will serve as our client’s main contact and coordinator of all their healthcare needs. We can address most primary care needs right here at the Clinic, like cold and flu care, treatment for chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, vaccines, and a variety of other health concerns. And when something comes up that is beyond our scope of services, we will work with specialists, pharmacies, and hospitals within the SFHP network to ensure that clients get the most efficient, effective, and comprehensive care possible.

The Affordable Care Act greatly expanded who is eligible for Medi-Cal. Before healthcare reform, there were already more than 7 million Californians covered under Medi-Cal, and now some 1 million more are expected to enroll because of the expansion. In this critical moment, the Clinic is poised to fill some of this need in San Francisco by offering expanded services to the women and girls in the community.

We launched Primary Care in early 2014 to tackle the problem of access to primary care services in our community. A 2012 needs assessment found 1 in 4 of our clients residing in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood listed the emergency room as their primary source of health care.  Fewer than 9% of survey respondents had received preventive health services in the past year.  With the Clinic now accepting Medi-Cal for these services, we are excited to increase access to care and health outcomes for the community we serve.

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