Clinic Celebrates Spin-off From Tides Center

August 28, 2014

Since beginning operations in 1999, Women’s Community Clinic has been a fiscally sponsored project of the Tides Center. Now, after 15 years of growth and transformation, we are excited to start our next chapter as an independent nonprofit. With full support from Tides, The Clinic has been laying the foundation for a smooth transition into independent 501(c)(3) status for more than a year. We are grateful to the many allies like you who have helped to make this transition possible. Because of your steadfast support over the years, our official date of independence will be August 1st.

Early in the Clinic’s development, Tides’ fiscal sponsorship was indispensable to ensure that our limited staff could focus wholly on serving clients. We started with a full-time staff of one and a budget of $150,000. Tides leveraged their large size to meet our financial management and human resources needs swiftly and efficiently. They alleviated the cost of hiring additional staff to focus on those specific departments, and allowed our small staff to focus on developing the innovative programs that help us achieve our mission: to improve the health and well-being of Bay Area women and girls.

Now, with a staff of more than 30 and an annual budget of $3.9M, our accounting systems and human resources needs have become complex enough to compel us to take on those systems ourselves. With that, we’ve been pleased to promote Katie McCall, former Director of Volunteer & Policy Programs, to HR Generalist, and round-out our Accounting Department with two full-time staff, Sheryl Squires, Director of Finance, and Tarah Huntley, Bookkeeper.

“The Clinic has reached a size and level of self-sufficiency which makes it more efficient to bring these operations in-house,” explained Roxanne Hanson, Director of Operations & Planning.

This important milestone comes as the Clinic enters a new era of full-scope primary care. In January, 2014, the Clinic began offering care for everything from routine physicals, to care for colds, flus, or chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes. Due to changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many of our clients are now eligible for insurance coverage and the Clinic is positioned to become a medical home to those clients who seek our services. The transition to independence means that the Clinic is poised with new capacity to transform the face of safety net services for our newly-insured clients. The strong foundation built by our generous donors, sponsors and volunteers has empowered us to make this transition, for which we say – thank you!

What does this separation mean for our donors and supporters? Besides seeing a new Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your tax-deductible donations, not much will change. We’re still focused on our mission and continue to promote a harm reductive, client-centered model of care in all of our programs. Our leadership team remains the same and our programs continue to meet the health needs of over 5,000 women and girls annually. Your generosity and commitment throughout the years has truly brought us to this point. We’re thrilled to be sharing this celebration with you and incredibly grateful to our community of champions for facilitating our growth and success! On behalf of our Board, staff, and clients – thank you for all of your support.

Our new tax ID # is 45-5447335

Have any questions about your giving? Please feel free to call us at 415-379-7800.

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