Training More Volunteers in the New Year

December 11, 2013

Along with new primary care services and electronic health records technology, the New Year will bring new faces to the Clinic.  Our next cohort of Health Worker Volunteers will join our team this January, helping provide our clients with health care that one Yelp user recently described as “non-judgmental, caring, informative, supportive, competent.”

The Clinic’s Volunteer Health Worker program is a unique opportunity for future health care providers to gain valuable hands-on training as they learn to provide culturally inclusive and client-centered health education and services to members of their own community.  Our volunteers keep the Clinic’s wheels turning by staffing the front desk, answering phones, scheduling appointments, keeping records, packaging laboratory samples, providing one-on-one health education and more.  They provide approximately 50% of Clinic services, ensuring we operate as efficiently as possible and leverage every dollar we raise to provide excellent health care for our clients.

Up to 80% of Clinic volunteers move on to additional training in the health professions, carrying our philosophies of community-based care into medical and nursing schools, clinics and hospitals around the country.

Sound like an opportunity for you or someone you know?  In 2014, we will be bringing on new volunteers every quarter.  To find out more about the Clinic’s Volunteer Health Worker Program, please click here.  Applications for the upcoming volunteer cycle are due December 15th.

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